It’s 1984 all over again: Apple’s paradigm shift


Today, E. Blasberg joins the ranks of TVMama contributors. E. Blasberg is an admitted Apple Fanboy, but he also knows more about it than most, and he isn’t

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Convergence in New Zealand

This amazing post describes everything (and I mean, everything) you need to know about how to

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Coming soon: Joost on your TV

The word is out: Joost is not just for your computer any more (Of course, let’s realize that Joost is still in pre-beta, even if it has 500,000 beta testers).

It’s remarkable how quickly things are moving. Let’s review: Joost, …

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Archos announces AppleTV clone

Portable media player maker Archos announced an AppleTV-like product – the Archos TV Plus, which will stream content to your TV from your computer. Will this product stand out on its own, or is it destined to be a “me-too” …

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Take our survey – win a TVMama T-shirt

TVMama wants to know what you think about the PC-TV convergence. Will it happen this year?…

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TVMama says, ‘Hi!’

This is your TV Mama. I know what’s going on in the world of PC-TV convergence, and I’ll be telling everyone. Come back daily for information about AppleTV, Joost, USBTV,

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