iTunes 7.3 helps with AppleTV (duh!)

What, you don’t have iTunes? You don’t have new iTunes 7.3? What are you waiting for. Get it here.

OK. Now that you’ve got it, here are some

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PCTV smells good

chanel.jpgGoogle Alerts keep us all in the loop, especially if they are focused tightly on the

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State of Internet TV (Part 2): some positive thoughts

Earlier this week we ran comments from a variety of media professionals on how they use Internet TV and PC-TV devices (if any). These are real people in media businesses, so pay

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My Damn Channel not too damn bad

MyDamnChannel is another in a burgeoning set of web video/entertainment start-ups with a Hollywood connection. Others include Michael Eisner’s

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Web video new art form? (Part 2 of Network2 interview)

In Part 1 of our interview with Amit Shafrir, CEO of, we discussed the idea behind the web video aggregation site. In this portion of our conversation, Amit talks about the creative

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Sage announces Mac media center software

SageTV Media Center 6.2 for Macintosh (five years after the Windows version) is supposed to bring online video to your TV with a press of a remote control. The product adds beta support

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Q&A with CES big wig (Part 2): New products, new audiences, new artists

This is the second part of our interview with CEA spokesflack Jason Oxman. In the first part he promised that consumer electronics will make our lives better, reduce crime, eliminate pollution and depression and make the world safe for democracy. …

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TVMama weekly roundup

This week on TVMama:

Jaman’s AppleTV plug-in – Is it for real?

Is Jaman going to make its downloaded content available for TV’s? Indie films, etc…

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Web-only episodic, “TV-like” series take off

We’re sure there are a lot more than these, but here’s what we have so far for web-only, episodic “TV-type” series: