Set-top box gets PC-TV religion: Digeo’s newest has ‘Moxi’

We thought that TVMama was going to be about devices like AppleTV and USBTV, but the more we think about it, the more we think we also need to keep an eye on TiVo and other set-top boxes, especially in …

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Bleep exclaims and without a beat jumps on The N4CER’s back

“Ha Ha!!” Bleep exclaims and without a beat jumps on The N4CER’s back. While beating him from behind and holding on for dear life, Bleep remembers (flashback to his kitchen, wife standing there polishing one of a huge collection of …

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Rating the video news babes – coming soon on TVMama

Do any of you watch tech news programs online?

Do you have a favorite among Cali Lewis (GeekBrief.TV), Joanna Colan (Rocketboom), Morgan

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Five news items for your inner geek

Satisfy your inner geek with these tidbits:

1) Comprehensive and mostly comprehensible reviews of three TV tuners for the Mac from

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Video news babes video v1.0

How could we have put up a post about video news babes without offering some of their video? By the way, in a preview of our point scoring report card, I will give Ms. Webb a point for making it …

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Network2: Video aggregation by Jeff Pulver is a new project of VOIP guru Jeff Pulver. Network2 is aggregating, rating and reviewing original web video programming. We spoke with

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Content moving around from platform to platform

“Tomorrow is about wireless and broadband media platforms.” – Motorola CEO Ed Zander


Multichannel News

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Channel executives doubtful about future of convergence

CRN invited a group of channel executives to D&H Distributing’s Mid-Atlantic Show in Hershey, PA last month for a panel discussion about the future of convergence. The

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Amazon Unbox on TiVo – the real impact explained

The Amazon-TiVo announcement, which TVMama viewers already knew about (Where have you all been? TiVo has been advertising the service already – see the ad on the right side of the page. And the

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