‘Afterworld’ – first 2 eps to watch

The first episode is embedded above. Subsequent episodes are blocked from embedding. Find them here on YouTube.…

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‘Afterworld’ lives in many worlds – TV, web, phones

It’s a classic Sci Fi scenario: last man on Earth, technology destroyed. It has been done many ways in many eras.

One of the latest iterations is a big-budget film of Richard Matheson’s classic novel, “I Am Legend,” featuring Will …

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AppleTV wishes, complaints, giveaways

Blogger Alan Pritt tells of helping his grandparents install a new TV in their house and how complicated it is:

Right now there are gaping holes

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Something new for AppleTV soon, Jobs hints

An iMac launch event discussion at Apple’s auditorium brought about a small news nugget for Apple TV fans. Steve Jobs said his company would “

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Set-top box gets PC-TV religion: Digeo’s newest has ‘Moxi’

We thought that TVMama was going to be about devices like AppleTV and USBTV, but the more we think about it, the more we think we also need to keep an eye on TiVo and other set-top boxes, especially in …

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Bleep exclaims and without a beat jumps on The N4CER’s back

“Ha Ha!!” Bleep exclaims and without a beat jumps on The N4CER’s back. While beating him from behind and holding on for dear life, Bleep remembers (flashback to his kitchen, wife standing there polishing one of a huge collection of …

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Rating the video news babes – coming soon on TVMama

Do any of you watch tech news programs online?

Do you have a favorite among Cali Lewis (GeekBrief.TV), Joanna Colan (Rocketboom), Morgan

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Five news items for your inner geek

Satisfy your inner geek with these tidbits:

1) Comprehensive and mostly comprehensible reviews of three TV tuners for the Mac from

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