Internet TV watchers in Turkey, Israel have their say

More comments from friends and colleagues who are using PC-TV connections:

Bülent Boytorun, Owner, Zap Medya Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey: “I sure do watch video

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Faster, stronger, higher – media extenders, that is

Now that we’ve heard the news that D-Link is planning to start selling a faster home media extender to compete with Apple TV, the item continues to beg the question

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Birds do it, bees do it, even educated gamers do it

Use their consoles to stream the web or their downloads to their TV from their computer, using Orb, or so says

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‘Afterworld’ – first 2 eps to watch

The first episode is embedded above. Subsequent episodes are blocked from embedding. Find them here on YouTube.…

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‘Afterworld’ lives in many worlds – TV, web, phones

It’s a classic Sci Fi scenario: last man on Earth, technology destroyed. It has been done many ways in many eras.

One of the latest iterations is a big-budget film of Richard Matheson’s classic novel, “I Am Legend,” featuring Will …

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AppleTV wishes, complaints, giveaways

Blogger Alan Pritt tells of helping his grandparents install a new TV in their house and how complicated it is:

Right now there are gaping holes

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Something new for AppleTV soon, Jobs hints

An iMac launch event discussion at Apple’s auditorium brought about a small news nugget for Apple TV fans. Steve Jobs said his company would “

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