Apple is a little too well coordinated

The Apple Remote can control all of your Apple devices. Coming from a household with three different remote controls on the coffee table, this development seems very convenient.

However, as

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Gather Color Reference Material

Color is the final stage in traditional design that leaves an open door to the final look and feel of our animation. Even though I encourage you to experiment with color and texture in 3D, your designs should be fairly …

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In our recent coverage of, VOIP guru Jeff Pulver’s new gay dating aggregation project, we didn’t make it clear that this is Pulver’s current focus. We know that now –

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Unusual film festival

Many cities host film festivals that feature films from around the world. For the second year in a row, Melbourne, Australia is the source of an unusual film festival. Luckily for those us who don’t live in Australia, this festival …

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The state of Internet TV: more like an unincorporated territory

I asked a group of professional contacts and friends – all of them with some high-tech, Internet or media connections whether they are watching Internet, streaming or downloaded content on their computers – and whether any of them are shifting …

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An adventure can be fiction or nonfiction

An adventure can be fiction or nonfiction, but no matter what, a good story is always based on good characters. Before we get into developing a story idea of our own, I feel it’s important to spend some time understanding …

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Our teachers were the best in the business

This is an important section about recognizing and marketing the fact that you have a unique gift. Knowing how to define what separates you from everyone else is going to be the key to your success. First I must digress …

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Video-browsing made easy

It’s Saturday night, and you just decided that you want to watch a particular movie. You have several options: You can rent the movie from a video rental store (a.k.a. the old fashioned method). You can download the movie off …

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Ultimately the client is always right…

A client to me is anyone who approaches you for the sole purpose of assigning or hiring you for a project. Whether you work as an employee or freelance artist, the person assigning you a project should be viewed as …

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Neuros’ new media streamer – something different?

OK, we admit it, Engadget gets some things first. So, here’s a link to an Engadget report about a mysterious product from

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