The prostate cancer treatment can be expensive

The prostate cancer is caused when the abnormal cells start to attack the prostate and all other tissues around it. The abnormal (mutant) cells at the appropriate time will form a tumor. The common

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Windows based hosting is better for hosting files you created using Windows

If you are looking to get hosting for your web site, there is one major decision you have to make. Should you get Linux based hosting or Windows based hosting? Here are a few facts to help you decide which …

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Apple TV doesn’t offer breadth needed for success

In the past decade, Apple’s specialty has been creating user-friendly products. The iPod popularized mp3 players even though others were already on the market, and Mac users are more loyal than users of any other computer brand.

No one is …

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Consumer electronics executives to discuss convergence

PC-TV convergence is getting closer everyday as new, improved products enter the market. It is therefore no surprise that industry experts would want to discuss it. (I mean, you and I like talking about home connectivity so why wouldn’t they?)…

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Apple is a little too well coordinated

The Apple Remote can control all of your Apple devices. Coming from a household with three different remote controls on the coffee table, this development seems very convenient.

However, as

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Gather Color Reference Material

Color is the final stage in traditional design that leaves an open door to the final look and feel of our animation. Even though I encourage you to experiment with color and texture in 3D, your designs should be fairly …

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In our recent coverage of, VOIP guru Jeff Pulver’s new gay dating aggregation project, we didn’t make it clear that this is Pulver’s current focus. We know that now –

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Unusual film festival

Many cities host film festivals that feature films from around the world. For the second year in a row, Melbourne, Australia is the source of an unusual film festival. Luckily for those us who don’t live in Australia, this festival …

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The state of Internet TV: more like an unincorporated territory

I asked a group of professional contacts and friends – all of them with some high-tech, Internet or media connections whether they are watching Internet, streaming or downloaded content on their computers – and whether any of them are shifting …

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