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Email marketing, with its growing success, requires a good software or a good email marketing company. The right software yields maximum results from your email marketing strategy.

There are more and more types of email marketing software that are created …

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New study: Few use consoles for downloads, DVD’s

The Diffusion Group says hardly anyone (13 percent) with a game console capable of playing DVD’s or downloads (80% of 8 million US game console households – that’s 6.4 million households, by the way) actually uses them for that.

Of …

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I would suggest getting a standalone, dedicated barcode printer

You may be surprised to find out how any black & white printer can become a barcode printer. All you need are some barcode labels and barcode software to print them. It is best to use a laser printer for …

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Why the uniformity is important?

The online ad surrounds a range of the strategies marketing such as the publicity of banner, the marketing of email, the marketing of Search Engine and the publicity of PC. The distribution of press release, blogging and the tenders to …

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Standard technology in many conference rooms

Just like prices for PC(s), laptops and telephone systems have reduced over time, so too have (prices) for video conferencing systems. Video conferencing was once a quite expensive technology, but is now available to almost any sized online (but not …

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Apple TV too hot to touch

Apple TV may be able to pull content off your computer and put it on your TV, but it can’t do something far simpler: turn off.

In browsing the Apple Support Discussion forum, it is clear that many Apple TV …

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Convergence devices good for Hollywood

Boy Genius Gregory Kling says movie studios fear AppleTV. But I’m not sure they do, and I don’t think they

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Popularity isn’t everything

I remember the first time I heard the name YouTube. At the time, YouTube wasn’t nearly the giant it is today. It is currently the fourth most visited website according to People upload homemade videos and their favorite movies, …

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YouTube browsing on TV with Neuros release

Neuros‘ work with the open source development community has yielded a YouTube browser for your TV – standard or hi-def – for its Neuros OSD open source media

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