Using Frames for Navigation

The last method of navigation uses frames, which allow a site to have two different pages loaded at the same time: one navigation bar and one main page. In this example, there are actually three frames.The first is the title …

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Heart Pine floorings at Scotland Neck Heart Pine

Thinking to a company that provides high quality heart pine floors and antique heart pine flooring? search no more! provides all of these.

To fully appreciate these woods, you must first understand their uncommon qualities visit This

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The Basics of Navigation

What is navigation? It’s a way for your Web site visitors to move between pages. The most important part about navigation is that it should almost never take more than two clicks to move from one page on your Web …

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One good reason to buy the lower to mid ranged priced snowboards

Snowboards can cost top dollar, but they should not. It is easy to think that the best beginner snowboard should be one of the more expensive boards…

The logic behind this theory is that the more it cost the better …

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Sony Bravia Internet box – It’s baloney

Also in the “me, too” category (see below), Sony announced the Bravia Internet Media Link, another $300 box that will be (Sony propaganda here): an “easy-to-attach module lets you stream internet video to compatible Bravia HDTVs over your broadband Internet

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The primary advantage of living in a place NC retirement communities

Retirement communities are communities created for those people who are nearing or have already reached retirement age living in private residences or accommodation and enjoy either independent or assisted living depending on their wishes.

The primary advantage of

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Analysts bet on PC-TV winners in markets

Stock analysts are finally taking notice of the PC-TV convergence, and are starting to bet on which big CE, PC and networking companies will win out on the street.…

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Fully functional web sites which are Adsense friendly

Adsense from Google had a huge impact for us, webmasters. Adsense helped us to monetise our websites. Web sites which are Adsense friendly were the next step in web designing and web development.

On the Internet there are websites offering …

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A pessimist’s view – no convergence soon

Colin Stewart, tech columnist for the hometown paper of the OC, is a smart guy (He must be; he agrees with me.) He makes a lot of sense in a recent column in

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