August 18, 2008

Jaman’s AppleTV plug-in – Is it for real?

According to the folks over at Jaman in San Mateo, they are working on a plug-in for AppleTV that will allow you to watch their programming on AppleTV. Jaman’s blog features a screen shot of a TV screen with a …

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Optimize for Search Engines

Social media optimization, or SMO, is a form of marketing that focuses on generating traffic and buzz by participation in various social media Web sites, including Facebook, Digg, and YouTube. Social networks allow you to build large lists of …

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USBTV coming from SanDisk in Q3

USBTV, the enhanced thumb drive for video transfer to TV’s that was previewed at CES in January by SanDisk Corp. will finally emerge from testing and refining in Q3, SanDisk tells TVMama.

The product was debuted along with a raft …

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Searching for home builders?

When you are searching for home builders you have many choices that you can use to find the right one. You can go to your local real estate agent and tell them you’re looking for a log home or check …

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TV Mama News Briefs

Here are the four most important news items showing more proof that convergence is real, that platforms are connecting and that all of this may (someday) be easy enough for most of us to use:

  • Korea’s Compass produces a hi-def
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When riders want to buy a wakeboard

When riders want to buy a wakeboard, they will definitely have to look at the boards important features, such as maneuverability, stability, and dynamic acceleration. Likewise, if riders would want to buy a wakeboard, the material with which these wakeboards …

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TV to get better (yea!) and (maybe) cheaper (double yea!)

Lasers and LED’s will lead the way to new generations of brighter, larger and less power-hungry HDTV’s, if the early touts can be believed.According to the NYT, the lasers and LED’s in these new sets, first promised a year ago, …

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If you want a pro snowboard related shop read this

There is a lot of information involved in getting into snowboarding, not the least of which is snowboarding equipment. The list of snowboarding equipment can be quite long depending on the preparedness and seriousness of the snowboarder.

A good snowboard …

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Tips for writing search-friendly content

Below are some tips for writing search-friendly content. Again, you will notice that the tips here are not very different from the general tips for writing killer Web content.

•Carewords A core function of a search engine is to match …

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Add Reviews to Your Web site

Similar to the effect of adding a blog or forum to your Web site, adding reviews to your Web site can have a positive impact on your search-engine rankings while enhancing the overall credibility and sales of your Web site. …

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